Welcome to the Electoral Information System for the

Office of the Electoral Commission

Before you register online you MUST

1. Have a valid email, so the office can contact you about the status of your application

2. Have electronic copies of all required documents

What are the required documents?

1. Document to prove you are a Samoan Citizen (eg: Birth Certificate / Passport)

2. Document to prove you are either a Resident OR Matai of the village

Qualification to be a registered voter

Pursuant to section 14 of the Electoral Act 2019, to be able to register as a voter in Samoa, a person must be

(a) 21 years old or above 21 years old; and

(b) a Samoan Citizen

A person qualified under Section 14, must be registered in only ONE constituency, specifically the constituency in which they reside. However, there is an exception to the Registration Rule which is for Matai Holders. Matai Holders have a choice of whether

i. to register in their village of residence; or

ii. register in the village from which their Matai Name is registered

What is the difference between Online and In-person reigstration?

While our online registration platform provides convenience for those who are unable to register in person, our Community Registration Booths have other avenues to aid your registration, such as;

1. MJCA Matai Registration List,

2. MNRE Freehold Folio Registry, etc.,

3. Village Mayors, who can sign Statutory Declaration confirming your identity or Residency within the village.